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Audit integrity is a subject that should be important to all Business, Organisation & individuals. Social Audits that are conducted in various businesses affect decisions we must make as Business or individuals involving our Business, Purchases, Trade, family, friends and our livelihood. Most of us have been involved at one point or another with Social or Ethical audits that are conducted. All stakeholders or companies have some involvement with the audit process. They are either conducting an audit or they are being audited. Those of us that work must make sure that when we are involved in an audit, either conducting it or answering questions, we must do so honestly.

We must place ourselves in other individual’s position. Would we want audit results not properly identify the actual status of a company’s system or their products. The accuracy can be critical if we are making a decision to purchase stock, products or services. Therefore, we must make sure that our involvement has the characteristics of honesty, completeness and accuracy. There have been examples of audits conducted that did not produce or identify problems with company records. This inaccuracy or incompleteness affected hundreds of thousands of individuals.

In summary audits that are conducted must be accurate, honest and complete both in the performance and the results. Auditors must satisfy the purpose of the audit and ask specific questions to collect data on which to make decisions. The data required must be complete, accurate and reliable to draw conclusions. Any decision made to determine compliance or noncompliance to applicable requirements must be based on all applicable data for the area being reviewed. All applicable contractual and system requirements must also be reviewed and validated to determine compliance. The individuals involved in answering questions of an auditor must answer the question with enough data to satisfy the conditions posed in the question. They should however, not volunteer any additional data that is not needed for the auditor to determine acceptance of the answer provided.

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