Responsible and ethical sourcing is important to your business

Responsible and ethical sourcing is important to your business. AGCS   enables  your organisation  to network and develop new relationships and better links us with your buyers and suppliers. As a supplier in a very remote location, managing relationships is very important to you , and  you should value the  connectivity the AGCS  platform provides for Your supply chain”

Social Compliance Audit


The Biscuit Factories should stop using Child Worker

In a recent news from NEW DELHI where an popular brand in the Biscuits and confectionery  was forced to stall their  production at a third-party plant  from where 26 minors were rescued  who were allegedly working at a  band  biscuit plant.  The brand has stopped production at that  plant till the time the investigation was  on.  There are other bands also of the  country under fire  on social media platforms over allegations that it employed children at one of its subcontracted  plants.  Most of the companies in India owned  their our plants, but it also manufactures through various third-party contractors due to  the increased    demand   and low production capacity at their  owned plants.

The government task forces on child labor  are regularly raided  on such facilities . The  Media reports that the children  have worked from 8 am to 8 pm and were paid below the minimum wages.

It is the brands and principals  responsibility to monitor subcontractor compliance

If you’re a code covered entity, you must ensure that any agreement entered into with a subcontractor for work that is Commonwealth funded building work specifies that the subcontractor needs to act consistently with the Code.This can be achieved by using the contractor model clauses. It’s up to you to ensure that your subcontractors comply with the Code in respect of any Commonwealth funded building work that’s subject to an agreement.

If any non-compliant behavior is carried out, or suspected to have been carried out, by a subcontractor, it’s up to the code covered entity to ensure that the subcontractor takes remedial action to rectify that non-compliant behavior. The code covered entity must also report the breach, or suspected breach, of the Code to the ABCC.

A code covered entity who is the head contractor on a Commonwealth funded building project with a WRMP, must ensure that all subcontractors on site comply with the WRMP relevant to the building work. This requirement must be specified in and enforced by the contract relevant to the building work.

A failure by a head contractor to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that subcontractors comply with an applicable WRMP would constitute a breach of the Code by the head contractor.

The Restaurants Should Display Fire Safety Certificates


There are many restaurents in Delhi and India which are required to have fire NOC and the recents fires accidents have  raised some pertinent questions about fire safety. There  have been blame game   and  audits   and  investigation  reveales that the  were  various  cause of the fire.

The food delivery platforms are not taking any initiative which the company in their part doing the right away.

Although, it is a common known fact that most of the restaurnats acquire the fire safety certificate by bribery and not by adherence to fire safety norms, in India.

Franchise Audit Services

AGCS has started providing the Franchise Audit  which is an important audit tool to develop a standardized and structured franchising system. It is a method to fix the disparity between the franchisor and the franchisee and also amend the flaws with required expertise and skill. Franchise audit is a mode of inspection to check whether the franchisees are functioning as per the compliance. It can be explained as the process of examining the authenticity of operations, financial accountability, business standard maintained etc. by the franchisees. AGCS  focuses on Franchise Audit to drive the franchisees to operational excellence, improve the value of the brand and franchise growth etc.


AGCS also deals with franchising audit plan to ensure that the franchisee is systematized and organized as per the benchmark. Our main role is to monitor and maintain the model set up for the franchise system. Franchise audit is useful to develop and maintain a co-operative business relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee.

Thus our auditors can make a franchisee aware of their weaknesses and recommend them the strategies and ideas to overcome the same.





There  principals  can publish standards and train stores but many retailers report only achieving compliance when they demonstrate a commitment to those standards. Compliance with merchandising, service, safety and security standards (among others), is best achieved when everyone knows it will be verified and addressed.


Store staff may be trained, answer the quiz and pass the test, but are they applying their learned skills where it matters, enhancing the customer experience?  Train your stores on the one hand, audit them on the other and treat the audit as a “continuous learning” exercise and an opportunity to coach each store to achieve the success it deserves.


Audits engage owners/franchisees by continually reinforcing organizational standards and best practices.  An audit is not a passive activity.  It actively engages the store owner or franchisee to continually improve the store according to best practices.  Describe each standard, attach a photo, assign the item and engage your audience by showing them what success looks like.


Assuming your retail brand consists of more than a handful of stores, you cannot know how stores really execute unless you have processes and auditing software to help you with this.  Operators execute differently.   Franchisees may have different inclinations and priorities based on their own experience and sensibilities.  There is nothing wrong with that, but you need to make sure that the core standards and programs that are the backbone of the brand’s strategy are indeed implemented in full, everywhere and every time.  Audits align the vision and expectations of head office with the reality on the ground.


Each franchise operator is a brand ambassador who speaks for the entire brand.  A customer does not know, and does not care, whose name is on the franchise agreement.  Disappoint a customer in one store and they may very well stop going to all stores!  A failure to execute and meet the brand’s standards in one store doesn’t just hurt this operator’s sales and reputation, it hurts all other operators’ bottom line.


An execution-minded brand not only attracts customers, it also attracts potential franchisees. Multi-unit retailers often spend considerable resources – dedicated websites and trade-shows – attracting new franchisees. Franchisees-to-be are more likely to invest their life savings with an operationally strong brand than with one perceived to be inconsistent and deficient.


We might call this one “the elephant in the audit room”, the topic that is on everyone’s mind when the issue of franchise audits comes up.  It is a common practice for franchisors to ensure their franchisees do not under-report sales.  Doing so would lower the ongoing royalty fees paid.  While financial audits are necessary, they do not add much value over and above the need for financial transparency.   Much like training, financial audits might be necessary but they are far from sufficient.  The biggest opportunity for franchisors and franchisees alike is to treat the audit as a far broader coaching and training opportunity to uphold the brand’s standards, develop superlative customer service and drive the business forward.

AGCS provides Franchisee  Auditing Services Business , AGCS provides Franchisee  Franchise India AGCS provides Franchisee Franchise India offers wide variety of  Auditing Services franchise opportunities to run a successful Auditing Services franchise AGCS provides Franchisee Consulting Services Business Opportunity in India AGCS provides Franchisee India
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AGCS provides Franchisee  Business Auditing & Valuation
AGCS provides Franchisee Auditing Services, Services Audit Services Providers in India. .of franchisees that have performed well from an audit perspective are drawn.

Fire Safety Audits Services for the Eateries in Delhi

The Eateries in popular markets operating without fire safety clearance in Delhi.  Corporation of Delhi (MCD), and these agencies are authorised to check . According to the DFS, the fire safety NOC is valid for three years only ,  The Delhi Fire Service will soon start fresh inspection of food joints at the .


The social welfare department of the Delhi government has ordered a fire safety audit of all its institutions in the national capital, months after a massive fire at a hotel in Karol Bagh area killed 17 people.  It is required for all  the institutions  to initiate the fire safety audit of buildings under their control and undertake the necessary audit and point out existing deficiency so that corrective and proactive action may be taken prior to any untoward incidents.  This  is also required by the Delhi Fire Services  to have the requisite fire safety audits conducted in respect of buildings under their control.

In the aftermath of the Karol Bagh fire in February, the Delhi government had directed the fire department to inspect buildings which are five floors or more. In its report, the government found that several hotels were not following laid down rules pertaining to fire safety and other

AGCS have initiated fire Safety Audits for Hospital

The AGCS have started providing the Fire safety audit to help the organisation to identify the Irregularities  in the Fire Safety for  schools, showrooms and shops-cum-offices.


It has been observed that many schools in India have hose reels and sprinkler systems missing, alarm systems out of order, fire extinguishers less in number and illuminated emergency entry/exit signs non-existent.


There are the  Fire safety equipment non-functional  and the  units will look into the matter, the department will be upgrading fire safety system soon. SERIOUS DISCREPANCIES in the fire safety system of government schools,  showrooms and shops-cum-offices,  (SCOs) in the city were found in  the various fire safety audit conducted by us. In many units , the  hose reels and sprinkler systems missing, alarm systems were  out of order, fire extinguishers less in number and illuminated emergency entry/exit signs non-existent.



Small hospitals and nursing homes, especially those in residential areas, face the risk of being shut following a change in fire safety norms. The new norms make it mandatory for all two-floor building to get a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the Delhi Fire Services(DFS).

There are 1,478 registered hospitals, nursing homes, maternity homes and health sub-centres in Delhi (NCT), according to government data. Only 103 of these institutes have a clearance certificate from the fire department, according to a letter sent by the Delhi Fire Service to the Director General of Health Services(DGHS).

DGHS is responsible for renewing licenses of the hospitals and nursing homes.

The fire safety norms    have been changed after a hotel fire in Karol Bagh killed 17 people in February. The new norms make it mandatory for all multi-storey buildings above the height of 9 metres (two storeys) to get a fire clearance, instead of the earlier limit of 15 metres (three storeys).

The norms make it mandatory for these institutes that are two-storeys tall or higher to have a 6 metres wide access road for fire tenders. They also need to have at least 2.4 metres wide corridors and 2 metres wide staircases.


Delhi’s Health Department has issued a show-cause notice to several registered nursing homes and medicare facilities in the city for not submitting fire safety certificates. In the notice, the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has asked why an order of cancellation of registration should not be issued.

In the notice, dated June 6, the DGHS had mentioned the sequence of letters issued by it to the facilities here, asking them to submit a valid copy of a fire safety clearance certificate, and also mentioned the one received by the Directorate from the Delhi Fire Services directing therein to submit a copy of valid fire safety clearance certificate from Delhi Fire Service within one month of receipt of this letter.

Another letter was issued by the DGHS on February 14 to submit the fire safety certificates as per the provisions laid down under the Delhi Nursing Homes Registration Act, 1953 and Rules framed thereunder from time to time.

The  hospitals and nursing homes fall under the category of institutional buildings, which having a height of more than 9 m or having a ground floor and two upper stories, including a mezzanine, are covered under the norms, the notice said.


Fire and life safety requirements vary according to the year of construction or conversion of occupancy and accordingly, each individual case along with sanctioned building plans, including section/elevation of the premise, widths of exits duly marked with stipulated fire and life safety provisions as per NBC are required to be forwarded by thread concerned local authority or licence issuing agency before issue of licence for necessary scrutiny.

The notice has been addressed to keepers, medical superintendents and directors of all registered nursing homes which have not submitted fire safety clearance certificates.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) in New Delhi

AGCS has conducted Fire Safety Audit of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) in New Delhi

The Audit is conducted by Mr. Rakesh Dwivedi. At the date of audit the site has no pending major noncompliance.

Our company is member of FSAI and FSAI membership no. 1802329


Area Cover of Audit:

  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Training



AGCS Verified issued to Krops Rugs in Panipat, Haryana

AGCS has conducted SEDEX/Smeta Audit of Krops Rugs in Panipat, Haryana

The Audit is conducted by Mr. Rakesh Dwivedi. At the date of audit the site has no pending major noncompliance and therefore fulfills in satisfactory way the BSCI & ETI codes based Audit Program.

Accredium Global Compliance Services LLP (AGCS) has conducted social compliance audit (SEDEX/Smeta) to Krops Rugs in Panipat, Haryana. Company is Manufacturing & Export of Horse Clothing and Allied Canvas Products.

AGCS has completed more than 400 SMETA Audits which have been uploaded on SEDEX Platform accepted by the buyers and suppliers. Our Auditors are also approved as third party independent auditors who are APSCA Members (APSCA Auditor Membership#21703360) as well as on the panel of audit companies who are APSCA member organization.

Smeta Best Practice Guidance covers a 2-Pillar SMETA / Sedex Audit.

Area of Audit:

  • Labour Standards
  • Living Wages
  • Working Hours
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Business Ethics
  • Management System
  • Code Implementation
  • Entitlement to work
  • Subcontracting
  • Home working